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  • Find Pain Management For Your Multiple Sclerosis That Works For You
    Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating and devastating disease. The pain that a patient experience is nothing like any other and to find help with it is welcomed.
  • Has the Cure for Multiple Sclerosis Been Found?
    For those who suffer the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis, a disease that destroys the nervous system, new hope has arrived in the form of a commonly used treatment for cancer and similar illnesses. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, or HSCT, is the process of using the patients own stem cells to re-establish function in patients whose own immune systems are damaged or defective. The cells are collected from the patient, then "cleansed" and frozen for storage. Meanwhile, the...
  • Multiple Sclerosis Basics
    Multiple Sclerosis, also commonly known as MS, is a chronic, long-lasting and usually progressive disease affecting the central nervous system. MS progresses by cause sing continued damage to sheaths of nerve cells in the spinal cord, brain and optic nerves. In MS, immune cells attack myelin.

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  • What NOT to Say to Someone With a Chronic Illness
    Who among us hasn't put their foot in their mouth on occasion? Sickness and disability can make you feel uncomfortable and tongue tied. Here's what you need to know about people who have a chronic illness: they're people just like you. They don't necessarily want to talk about their health every minute of the day and they don't need anyone to remind them of it when they're out trying to have a good time.
  • A Toke a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
    Alone in her Birmingham, England home, a woman stirs a half teaspoon of cannabis into her hot tea. By seeking relief from pain and spasms caused by multiple sclerosis in this way she is, in the eyes of the law, a criminal. She doesn’t take this action lightly and is not out for a recreational […]
  • I’m a Survivor, but Breast Cancer Awareness Month Stresses Me Out
    Right around this time five years ago, my life took a daunting turn. By the end of October 2010, I had doubts that I'd be around to see 2015. But here I am.

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  • Infectious complications of biologic therapeutics
    Abstract: An expanding array of new biologics are entering clinical practice to supplement existing therapies in the management of neoplastic diseases, organ transplantation, rheumatic diseases and numerous other inflammatory disease states. These biologics include monoclonal antibodies, soluble cytokine receptor constructs, growth factors and recombinant proteins. Their use have revolutionized treatment for some severe forms of rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS) and inflammatory...
  • Influence of Formal Education on Cognitive Reserve in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
    Ralf Luerding, Sophie Gebel, Eva-Maria Gebel, Susanne Schwab-Malek, Robert Weissert (Source: Frontiers in Neurology)
  • An Open Letter to the Boston Globe About Lyme Disease
    Today, the Boston Globe editorial board spoke out against a bill "that would require insurers in Massachusetts to cover Lyme disease treatments for as long as a doctor says they're needed." The Globe writes: Lawmakers may have good intentions, but they don't possess the expertise to decide whether it's beneficial, cost-efficient, or safe, to keep using strong medicines to treat a condition the medical establishment doubts is real. Such questions should be resolved by a consensus of doctors and...

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This site is designed to inform and support those with Multiple Sclerosis. It is not a comprehensive medical guide to the disease. This information is taken from many different resources. The writings on this site are not intended to diagnose nor treat. The ideas and writings seen here are not to be substituted for the medical advice of a practicing physician. Prayer is a wonderful treatment but when God does not heal someone it may be necessary for medical treatment of MS. You may Visit us on our main site at www.mschristian.org

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  • Multiple Sclerosis and Driving

    I stopped driving for over 8 years because of my multiple sclerosis (MS). I found it scary to be behind the wheel in a way that is very difficult to describe. I just was never sure that I was doing the right thing or would be able to react to something happening on the road correctly or in time.


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  • Q. How does multiple sclerosis impact my children?

    A. Any parent with multiple sclerosis knows that MS definitely introduces challenges to an already difficult job. Taking care of children at different ages can be physically grueling, and some of the fatigue and mobility symptoms that come with MS can really intensify the challenges for parents, even resulting in activities that get canceled and a "smaller" world for kids that have to adapt when Mom or Dad just can'tdo things.



  • The MS Symptoms That Come and Go

    I'm writing to remind you that as things start to heat up, you may experience more paroxysmal symptoms. These are those lovely MS symptoms that appear and make things difficult or uncomfortable for awhile, then go away as quickly as they showed up.


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  • Don't Ignore This Important Symptom of Multiple...
    Numbness and tingling is a very common symptom of multiple sclerosis (MS), known as parasthesia. This type of symptom is described as tingling, burning, prickling, itching, numbness or the feeling of pins-and-needles.
  • Tips for Hot Feet and MS
    Many people with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience hot, burning feet at night. See what some people do to find relief from this problem.
  • I Have MS. Should I Cut Out Saturated Fat and...
    The Swank diet is a low-fat, mostly plant-based diet developed as a lifestyle treatment for MS. Learn more about what you can eat under this diet.