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Most of the information found on this website comes from RSS Feeds. It is an automated task that provides the information to you. We try to limit items that are duplicates, but with many feeds this can be difficult. Since the owner of this website also has MS and is legally blind this service was necessary to keep the website running with as much automation as possible. Volunteers help from time to time but many have disabilities themselves. We thank you for visiting us and hope that MSC can be of service to you and your loved ones.

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This site is designed to inform and support those with Multiple Sclerosis. It is not a comprehensive medical guide to the disease. This information is taken from many different resources. The writings on this site are not intended to diagnose nor treat. The ideas and writings seen here are not to be substituted for the medical advice of a practicing physician. Prayer is a wonderful treatment but when God does not heal someone it may be necessary for medical treatment of MS

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24 January 2020
January 24, 2020 – Living near major roads or highways is linked to higher incidence of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), suggests new research published this week in the journal Environmental Health.Rese...
24 January 2020
Two of the most common words in any discussion, in which anxiety and depression or any condition managed using medical marijuana is concerned, are THC and CBD. Many potential marijuana users are always looking for the best CBD oil or THC concentrate,...
24 January 2020
Information via Spear-Miller Funeral HomeEdith ("Eadie") L. Curran, 94, of Fairfield, beloved wife of the late John R. Curran, passed away peacefully Monday, January 13, 2020 at Saint Vincent's Medical Center. Born and raised in Maplewood NJ, Edith w...
24 January 2020
APRO member Ryan Malone was recently promoted to senior vice president of Aaron’s, and his contributions in the industry has proven to be significant ones. Malone entered the RTO world in 1993 after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree from the ...
24 January 2020
SHARES  Genesee Local OffersChris Collins, Republican Congressman representing New York’s 27th District, was convicted on Jan. 17 of federal securities fraud and lying to the FBI. He was sentenced to 26 months in jail, a $200,000 ...

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27 January 2020

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