Vaping the Best – is it Possible? Is there really a “Best” vaping product out there? Best Atomizer, Clearomizer, Mod, PV, Battery, Juice, etc. I see this term being used a lot. So I wanted to think out loud on this one.I wanted to throw

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Vaping the Best – is it Possible?

VapersVoice Best of BestIs there really a “Best” vaping product out there? Best Atomizer, Clearomizer, Mod, PV, Battery, Juice, etc. I see this term being used a lot. So I wanted to think out loud on this one.I wanted to throw out some thoughts about something that has been on my mind for awhile. My hope is that new vapers and veteran vapers might be a little persuaded by these thoughts and think a little differently about how we help each other in the community.

Does the “Best” (Insert Vape Gear Term Here) exist?

So what is best? Here are some definitions from Webster’s:

  • better than all others in quality or value
  • most skillful, talented, or successful
  • most appropriate, useful or helpful

So for vaping, I could see the “best” being better than all others in it’s category, better than all others in quality, and better than all others in value, success, and usefulness. Wow, tall order. Is there any vaping product out there that can claim that? I am going to answer no, and here is why.

I would suggest that there is no “best” when the tangible end result is judged on personal criteria and subject to user preferences. It’s common for us to struggle with questions like “what is the best e-juice”? I would suggest we should probably be struggling with the same in regards to vape gear. Consider these questions:

  • What is the best food?
  • What is the best car?
  • What is the best movie?

I can answer these. The best food is pizza. The best car is a Ferrari, the best movie is Running Scared. Will my answers match everyone else’s who read this. I am positive the answer is no. Whether we like it or not, in vaping “best” is tied directly to you and what you like. I may say that a Ferrari is the best car because of it’s speed, agility, and prestige. Another reader may say the Chevy Volt due to its environmental friendliness, comfort, and quietness.

Vape gear is the same the same concept in my opinion. I may like the Kayfun series of atomizers due to their great flavor profile, moderate vapor, and capacity to carry juice. Another vapor may like the Zenith V2 atomizer due to it’s highly flexible coil set up capability, open air draw, and cloud producing capabilities. Are we both right? Both wrong? See where I am going here? Concentrating on the “best” doesn’t get us very far. Someone else’s best, may not be your best. So let me suggest some advice.

Questioners – Ask: What is Better? – or – What is Good at…?

I have generally found in my vaping journey that it is better to question from a known position, and move forward, than an unknown position and guess. I have found that I tend to get more targeted and precise answers if I ask for what I am looking for, as opposed to what is the “best”.

Consider the new vaper who got off to a great start. They have a Innokin MVP and an Evod clearomizer. They are happy with the vape (flavor, throat hit, and vapor) but disappointed with the juice capacity. Out in a large forum they post a question. How would you respond to these two questions:

  1. What is best tank/clearo?
  2. I have an MVP and I am currently using a Evod Clearo. I like the way it vapes and the flavor it produces but it doesn’t carry enough juice. Is there something similar that has better juice capacity?

Knowing nothing prior to that persons post, would you answer those two questions differently? I would.

If I had answered the first question, I may have steered the person to the Aspire Nautalis. It holds a ton of juice and is very popular. It often recommended by vapers and seems to have a good following. However… If I answered the second question, I would likely have steered the person to the Kanger Protank. Why? Well the Aspire has different vaping characteristics in my opinion. A bit more vapor, a little less flavor. It’s also a dual coil, upping the overall heat hit characteristics. These differences may not be to the questioners liking, as they already indicated they are satisfied with the characteristics of the Evod. As the Protank and Evod use the same base coil, why not recommend the Protank? I may not personally like it, but it should vape pretty much the same and carry more juice.

If you Answer a Question – Reply: How do You Vape? – What do You Like?

If your helping a vaper, take a minute to ask how they vape. What are there preferences? Many times in this blog I have said vaping is a set of compromises. Would you put flavor or vapor, or vapor over flavor? Do you want more power, or longer battery life? Do you prefer regulated or straight battery, etc. Find out what the questioner  preferences are. They may be very different than yours. Help the best you can based on their preferences not your preferences.

Wrap Up

So you may ask, why be preachy about this? Well, I often hear from newer vapers that they get overwhelmed by all the choices and recommendations out there. I also think that being overwhelmed and frustrated can drive a new vaper back to cigarettes. Reducing frustration is very important to people switching from smoking to vaping. If we as a community can help reduce that frustration and move a vaper from where they are to where they want to be I think we can get rid of much of the frustration and overwhelmed feelings out there.

Where Yoda from Star Wars may have said “There is only do, or do not, there is no try”, I would say “there is only better or worse based on your preferences, there is no best”

Vape Loud, Vape Proud!



The post Vaping the Best – Or are You? appeared first on VapersVoice.

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