Three Things New Vapers Might Hear (If They Ask For Vaping Help) I guess I should start out by saying that this is an opinion piece. I have been thinking about this for awhile. Some folks may not like what I am going to say

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Three Things New Vapers Might Hear (If They Ask For Vaping Help)

I guess I should start out by saying that this is an opinion piece. I have been thinking about this for awhile. Some folks may not like what I am going to say here, others might. Either way, I hope that if you are a new vaper considering vaping instead of smoking, that you find this helpful. Mine is but one VapersVoice of many. Vape on!

I tend to browse a lot of the Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Forums, etc.) and often see new vapers reaching out asking about what they should buy or replace, or they may be looking to move away from their first purchase to something more substantial. So, first and foremost, if you are actively seeking knowledge from fellow vapers on how to vape congratulations! There are a lot of voices out there and in my experience I have found that the vast majority of vapers are always willing to help and provide advice.

Because some of the best resources out there to help you are members of the vaping community you have a vast resource at your fingertips. When is the last time you found a large community debating the merits of Marlboro Reds vs. Lights, or filtered vs filter-less? The vaping community is full of people who are passionate about vaping. On the other hand the vaping community is full of passionate vapers. Yes, I “just about” said the same thing twice. Let me explain. Sometimes the advice you might get can be confusing or just too much when you ask for vaping help. Vapers can strongly align themselves with certain products, juices, and other items that have made them successful in giving up cigarettes or other tobacco. Sometimes this can lead to advice that may be great for experienced vapers, but maybe not so useful to new vapers.

I believe one of the biggest threats to successfully transitioning to vaping can be frustration. There is no one size fits all vaping solution. So, it is vital that you set your goals, and the pace to which you reach those goals. Trying to go too fast can sometimes result in setbacks. That being said, the following are three things you might hear when asking for vaping help and my thoughts about them. I hope it helps in your vaping journey.

1. “Buy the [Insert Mod/PV/E-cig Name Here]”Fazed FZ-20d

Experienced or “Veteran” Vapers tend to love the mod they have and want everybody to be as successful as they are in vaping right away. When you ask for vaping help, I think the natural tendency of vapers is to promote what works for them right now. However, just like you, those vapers are also on a vaping journey. It is likely that they had to experiment to find what works for them. Through that experimentation they learned a lot about what they liked, and what they didn’t. This could result in different goals from vaping then you yours.

Be sure to do your research. Is the mod being recommended compatible with your vaping goals? Trust your gut, if it looks like it’s too much for you to handle too quickly, your probably right. Look for the recommended devices that you think would be just right for you today. Don’t go worrying about tomorrow. I would recommend your first goal be to figure out what gets you off tobacco, then work on tweaking experimenting from there.

2. “You need a Rebuildable Atomizer and a Mechanical Mod

Mechanical Mod

Honestly, this is where I might get some flack from some vapers. So here it goes. If you are a new vaper, no, you do not need a mechanical mod and rebuildable atomizer. Mechanical Mods equipped with Rebuildable Atomizers are a very popular and vocal trend right now (as of the writing of this piece) in vaping. They can can create crazy and amazing vape experiences. However, I am of the strong opinion that if your a new vaper you should concentrate first on starting with as hassle free of a set up (mod and atomizer/clearomizer) as possible. As I mentioned the last thing a new vaper needs is frustration. Get your sea legs first. Vaping is a journey, and the experience you gain through that journey will pay off in the long run. The options for new vapers today are HUGE improvements over those just one or two years ago. My best advice here, focus on getting off cigarettes first with a solid hassle free kit, the rest will come naturally and only get better.

 3. “Buy [Insert Company Name’s] E-Juice”pop-tarts-vodka

This goes back to how passionate vapers are about what works for them. As a new vaper you are going to be inundated with thousands of choices in juice. One thing you have probably heard already is that “Taste is Subjective”. However, that line is rarely truly examined for it’s implications. Sure, what one person thinks is the best thing in the world, another may hate. For example, I think Pluid and Boba’s Bounty is less palatable than licking a sewer grate lid. However, they are/were extremely popular e-juices.

I guess what I am trying to get at here is you don’t need to follow every trend. More importantly, you also do not need to immediately go out and buy “boutique” e-liquid. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not disparaging premium e-liquid vendors. Let me explain. As a new vaper your taste buds are still recovering from years of smoking. They will change over the first six months of being off cigarettes. That 30 dollar bottle of “premium” e-liquid you just threw out because you hated it, might be your favorite eight months from now. Try investing in a number of small reasonably priced sample bottles of different flavors. Maybe even pick a few that you think you might not like. Develop an idea of what kind’s of “flavors” you like: Fruits, Coffees, Desserts, Tobaccos. Then refine your likes: Peaches, Berries, Caramels, Espressos, etc. Once you have that down the sky is the limit, go nuts vaper!

In Conclusion

How you enter the vaping world isn’t really that important. What is important is that you made the leap from cigarettes to vaping. It’s my opinion that starting with something as hassle and frustration free as possible will increase your success in switching to vaping.

You may have noticed that I did not recommend any particular products in this article. I did that on purpose. Sure, there will be other articles on VapersVoice that will recommend starting points for new vapers. But, for the new vapers out there, I specifically wanted you to think beyond a specific device, or juice, and consider a broader perspective. Not every recommendation out there might fit you and your vaping “style”. However once you reach that first goal of being off tobacco, then it’s time to experiment. It’s always easier to go back to what “works”, than letting frustration get the better of you.

Vape Loud, Vape Proud!


The post Three Things New Vapers Might Hear (Vaping Help) appeared first on VapersVoice.

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