The $5.4 million default judgment and permanent injunction is against over 100 defendants.

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A New York federal judge recently granted Vaporesso parent, Shenzhen Smoore Technology a $5.4 million default judgment and permanent injunction against over 100 defendants accused of selling counterfeit Vaporesso and other Smoore brand products. 

The default judgment is for $50,000 dollars per defendant. Smoore filed the complaint in October alleging trademark counterfeiting and infringement against the defendants located mainly in China but conducting business in the U.S.

In the same lawsuits, Smoore settled with a significant number of defendant sellers who paid compensation for infringement and cooperated to identify their sources for the counterfeit products.  The litigation demonstrates Smoore’s determination to protect its intellectual property rights in the jurisdiction of the United States.

Smoore has undertaken the lawsuits as part of an overall anti-counterfeiting program in the United States that includes cooperation with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to seize counterfeit products. The damages may not be completely enforced, but Smoore is planning to enforce the default judgment in order to collect compensation.

The post Court Awards Smoore $5.4 Million for Counterfeit Products appeared first on Vapor Voice.

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