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  1. There is a gap in knowledge between what we know about multiple sclerosis (MS) and how it affects African-Americans. It has been traditionally difficult to involve enough African-Americans in clinical trials to
  2. It touches ever so lightly, the feather tickling my face. Sometimes it shows up when I’m reading a book. Sometimes it’s there in the shower but never seems to get wet. Other
  3. There are some symptoms of MS that are just plain weird. Trying to explain them to friends and family can probably lead to some confusion and even some raised eyebrows. Questions like
  4. This week in social media, I ran across a link to the article, “The Coronavirus and MS: What You Need to Know.”1 Reviewed by Chief Medical Officer Barry A. Hendin MD of
  5. March is MS Awareness Month and each week we’ve been focusing on a different MS symptom. Pain was our symptom spotlight for Week #1. For Week #2, we focused on mobility and

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