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Juul testing new Bluetooth-enhanced ‘lockable’ C1 device in UK market

Testing has begun in the UK market for an e-cigarette that can be locked to prevent anyone but its owner from puffing on it.

The Juul C1 e-cigarette pairs with an Android smartphone via Bluetooth to limit who can use it as well as to provide a way of monitoring how often the user vapes, according to an article posted on The product, the first in a series of bluetooth-connected e-cigarettes, was launched in the UK following a trial in Canada.

Juul said the C1 could only be used if people got through age-verification and face-recognition checks.

But anti-smoking campaigners said it was too soon to say if the tech would do much to prevent underage vaping, according to the article.

Juul has previously faced criticism that its products are being widely used by teenagers.

Original author: GTNF Trust
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Sunday, 05 July 2020

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