People with MS should avoid dairy in their diet

By: Lucy Noble - 

Replacing Dairy Products in your Diet

There are so many dairy-free options available that avoiding dairy doesn't need to mean that you miss out on the food you love.

OMS strongly advises that people with MS avoid dairy in their diet because research shows a high correlation between MS and dairy products, specifically because of particular proteins in cow’s milk. Here you can read an easy list of foods to enjoy and avoid on the OMS recovery program
There are plenty of dairy alternatives to enjoy, and the options keep on growing. 

Dairy-free Milk Options

While soy products offer the highest protein and are better for baking, some people think almond or rice milk taste better on cereal.Check the ingredients as some alternative milks contain oils which are restricted on the OMS Program. 

Here's some pros and cons of some of the dairy-free milk options. 

Almond Milk

✔ Nutty flavour, which can taste nice in cereal or hot chocolate but doesn't work for every recipe.
✔ You can buy sweetened or unsweetened almond milk
✔ Good in coffee and hot drinks.
✔ Low in fat and calories.
X Often more expensive than other milks - watch out as cheaper versions bulk out with thickeners and have low almond content. 
X Can also split when heated. 

Oat Milk

✔ A versatile option.
✔ Sweet.
✔ Lowers cholesterol.
✔ Heats well and doesn't curdle.
✔ Good for smoothies, soups and cereal. 
✔ Good in a cup of tea as it doesn't have a strong flavour and doesn't curdle. 
X Lower in protein 

Rice Milk

✔ Thinner and more watery.
✔ Good in desserts if you want a thickening agent. 
✔ Nice refreshing drink on its own. 
 Higher in sugar 
 Low levels on arsenic - the Food Standards Agency advises against children under four-and-a-half having it at all

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Soy Milk

✔ Widely available option.
✔ Can get sweetened or unsweetened
✔ Best for baking due to higher protein content.
✔ Found to be the more nutritious plant milk. 
X Can be a common allergen. 
X Watch out for added oils in some brands. 
X Can split in hot drinks 
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