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  • Young MS Researchers Share Findings

    Depression is higher in African American women regardless of income, and anxiety is higher in African American women with the lowest income, according a study presented by Jagriti Bhattarai, MD. The emotional needs of African American women with MS,...
  • Delving into the psyche of war photographers - Canadian Jewish News

    by profession, but he was a soldier. In 1982, the newly minted doctor was “unwillingly” conscripted into the South African army and shipped off to a distant war in Namibia and southern Angola. Among the items soldiers were not permitted to bring was a...
  • Why do people get MS?

    descent, and those who grow up farther from the equator, are more at risk. However, any person can get MS. The risk to African Americans is about ½ of that of Caucasians in the US. Despite this, most people with MS do not have an affected family member....

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