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  • Research explains why many psychiatric drugs that work in the lab don’t work in people

    Alzheimer’s disease (AD), or the brain tumor glioblastoma complete successful trials in mice but then come to a grinding halt in human trials, wasting billions of dollars in drug research. This is partly because of obvious behavioral differences between...
  • Rethinking neurodegenerative disease treatment: Target multiple pathological proteins

    understand how they progress in patients' brains, with an eye toward clinical studies that combine targeted therapies to halt or slow accumulation of these disease proteins." Additional co-authors include Penn's John L. Robinson, Edward B. Lee, Sharon...
  • Study sheds light on brain cell changes in people with MS

    effective treatments. Those living with progressive forms of MS desperately need new options that repair myelin damage and halt progression. "We believe that one day we can stop MS and projects like this are going to make that happen more quickly."...

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