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  • Four-Year Study Confirms That Imaging the Eye with OCT Provides Window to MS Progression in the Brain and a Way to Track the Effects of Therapies

    Three members of this team – Drs. Laura Balcer, Peter Calabresi and Elliot Frohman – were the 2015 winners of the Barancik Prize for Innovation in MS Research for their pioneering work related to OCT. Read more page source...
  • Nature of immune cells in the human brain disclosed

    found that the two proteins CTLA-4 and PD-1 are present in large quantities on T cells. These proteins, for which the Nobel Prize for Medicine has been awarded to the discoverers this year, are important inhibitors for T cells. Date: Source: Netherlands...
  • J.K. Rowling makes $18.8 million donation to multiple sclerosis research - WRBL

    her husband, William H. Macy, who has not been charged in the scandal. Read the Full Article Mystery Oreo returns with $50k prize by CNN Newsource / Sep 13, 2019 (CNN)-- Nabisco is releasing limited edition cookies that look like the original…But taste...

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