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  • Study shows promise in repairing damaged myelin

    A scientific breakthrough provides new hope for millions of people living with multiple sclerosis. Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University have developed a compound that stimulates repair of the protective sheath that covers nerve cells in...
  • Review: normal use of vapor unlikely to raise significant health concerns

    published on the effects of ECs on respiratory system. “For smokers who want to do something about their health, our review shows that switching to vaping is a very good option if they don’t want to or can’t quit completely. No-one can prove that...
  • New compound offers superior therapeutic approach to treat MS

    to create new forms of the drug chloroindazole, or IndCl, a compound that acts on a subset of estrogen receptors. Their work shows that these new compounds offer the protective effects of estrogen without the unpleasant side effects. "Multiple Sclerosis...
  • Do minerals play a role in development of multiple sclerosis?

    But little was known about whether zinc, iron and other minerals play a role in the development of the disease. A new study shows no link between dietary intake of several minerals and whether people later develop MS. The study is published in the April...
  • Forgotten immune cells protective in mouse model of multiple sclerosis

    therapeutic targets. "Crowdsourcing T cells is a fundamentally different way to look at disease," Davis said. "This project shows not only the power of this approach but the power to discover new mechanisms." Original link

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