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  • Suing Device Firms; Does AI Promote Bias? Opioid Salesman Tells All

    have filed class action lawsuits against device companies after being injured by malfunctioning products, Christina Jewett writes ~ Medical Device Failures Brought To Light Now Bolster Lawsuits And Research (Kaiser Health News)Ravi B. Parikh, MD, MPP,...
  • MS & Socializing: A Few Things to Remember

    When it comes to MS, there are many scenarios that can inhibit our ability to socialize with others. Like many things I write about, I struggle in this area as well, however, I do have some tips to help improve your chances of experiencing that crucial...
  • Arthritis group offers first guidelines for patients who use CBD for joint pain

    Kevin Boehnke, a research investigator who works in anesthesiology at the University of Michigan. Boehnke helped develop and write the guidelines for the Arthritis Foundation. The group makes it clear that patients should not abandon arthritis...
  • Are the 'viral' agents of MS, ALS and schizophrenia buried in our genome?

    ones called retroviruses -- not because they're old, but because they reverse the normal process of reading DNA to write themselves into their host's genome. Retroviruses are old though: they began merging with our earliest, primordial ancestors...
  • With Bristol-Myers CVR, Investors Can Bet on 3 Drugs in Celgene’s Pipeline - Barron's

    one based on the current price and optimism about the approval of the three drugs. The CVR amounts to a good lottery ticket. Write to Andrew Bary at Original link
  • Food allergies linked to increased disease activity in multiple sclerosis

    MS patients with allergies have more active disease than those without, and that this effect is driven by food allergies," write the researchers. Story Source: Materials provided by BMJ. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Original link
  • A Cheap Biotech Stock Tests a Novel Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis - Barron's

    researchers, and several other T-cell products in the pipeline, Atara and its beaten-up stock deserve a second look. Write to Bill Alpert at Original link
  • Vaccinations do not raise risk of multiple sclerosis

    than those who did not develop thecondition. "The odds of MS were lower in participants with a recorded vaccination," write the authors. The finding was true for all the vaccines that they investigated, and "most pronounced for vaccinations against...
  • Rejuvenating brain stem cells may hold key to future MS treatments

    of function in the OPCs was a result of something happening in their microenvironment, or stem cell "niche." "Here we show," write the authors in a recent Nature paper, "that the OPC microenvironment stiffens with age, and that this mechanical change is...
  • MS: Paleo diet may reduce fatigue by improving cholesterol

    of the current pilot study design, which include the small sample size, lack of control group, and randomization," they write. "However, if confirmed in larger studies,lipid monitoring may become useful for guiding fatigue treatment decisions," explain...

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