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This site is designed to inform and support those with Multiple Sclerosis. It is not a comprehensive medical guide to the disease. This information is taken from many different resources. The writings on this site are not intended to diagnose nor treat. The ideas and writings seen here are not to be substituted for the medical advice of a practicing physician. Prayer is a wonderful treatment but when God does not heal someone it may be necessary for medical treatment of MS

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05 December 2019
From the Web
Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)Dec 5 2019Curing disease with neutrophils; this is the goal of the NeutroCure project. How will that work? "Neutrophils have a yin yang character," explained Andrés Hidalgo, whose team at the Centro Nacional d...
03 December 2019
M.S. Views & News
Younger and older people are more influenced by painful symptoms, while those in midlife retire for psychological reasonsBy Becky UphamLast Updated: November 05, 2019Some people with MS leave their jobs without first asking for accommodations that co...
03 December 2019
M.S. Views & News
By Cathy CassataMedically Reviewed by Samuel Mackenzie, MD, PhDFinding the perfect gift for your friend with MS makes both of you feel good! Getty ImagesBuying gifts is tough. Do you choose something practical or fun? Should you go with a safe gift p...
03 December 2019
Multiple Sclerosis News From Medical News Today
New research distinguishes between two similar variants of the human herpesvirus 6 and finds that one variant significantly increases the risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis (MS).Share on PinterestScientists have linked the Epstein-Barr virus (depi...
02 December 2019
M.S. Views & News
Both the busy clinician and the overwhelmed patient benefit from a pointed approach to disease management.By: Aaron Boster, MDPublished: December 02, 2019As the field of neuroimmunology evolves at an unprecedented rate, keeping up with the latest adv...

National MS Society News

07 December 2019

This is a list of all national news for the National MS Society.

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